User Guide


User Journey

The user journey provides guidance on how to use the SCP-HAT in the context of selected policy areas.



To facilitate the use of SCP-HAT, a wealth of supporting materials exists. The toolbox shows all the materials at a glance and provides direct access.

A short introduction to the main functionalities of SCP-HAT and the two core modules.


Access our three explanatory videos:

Overview of the whole tool (“SCP-HAT at a Glance”)

Explanation of the country profiles in Module 1

The hotspot identification in Module 2

An introduction to concepts and indicators used and step-by-step instructions to get started with SCP-HAT

Access our user handbook

Information on the method underlying the SCP-HAT as well as on the data sources of all indicators (including the web links to the data providers).


Access “Methods & data sources

A detailed description of the applied methodology and the data sources used for SCP-HAT

Access the technical documentation

This user interface allows you to download any selection of data as presented in the different Modules of SCP-HAT.


Access “Data download